The Crackerjack Autographed Jersey Box

The Crackerjack Autographed Jersey Box

Please read on for a brief explanation about what group breaks are, or scroll to the bottom for the video link to watch a detailed explanation about card breaks and exactly how they work.

What is a Group Break?

A group break is the most affordable way to be involved in the exciting hobby of trading card collecting. Rather than having to purchase an entire box, the cost of a box [or boxes] is split amongst a group of people [Spot Holders]. Most modern card boxes are priced at over $1,000, so it’s a great way to be involved at just a fraction of the cost of purchasing a box.

Each spot holder will be able purchase a particular team [Pick Your Team Break] or be randomly allocated 1 or 2 teams [Random Team/Tiered Random Teams Break] via a list randomiser on and will receive ALL cards from that particular team that are pulled from the box by the breaker. For example, if you receive the Charlotte Hornets in an NBA Break, you will receive EVERY Charlotte Hornets card that is pulled from all the boxes in that break.

After all spots are sold in a group break, the breaker will then live-stream the random draws [if necessary] and the opening of all packs within the designated boxes. Details of the Date/Time of when the break will occur will be on the respective break pages.

How does our Random Team format differ from other breakers?

Most group breakers offer the same number of spots as to the number of teams in that particular sporting league. For example, there are 30 NBA teams, so there is 30 spots in a Random Team NBA break [sometimes 29 spots with a Team Giveaway]. For NFL, there are 32 teams, so there is 32 spots in a Random Team NFL break and so on. We have made the decision to differ our format with an aim to “spread the love” amongst spot holders.

The unfortunate thing about having 30+ spots in group breaks is that 30% of the spot holders will receive a team that would be considered a low value team for that particular release/season [eg. NBA 2021-22 Miami Heat/ Utah Jazz/Portland Trail Blazers]. In our format, the 2 Tiers format, each spot holder is guaranteed to receive a team that is considered to be a top 15 team in terms of value for that release/season [eg. NBA 2021-22 Detroit Pistons/Toronto Raptors/Golden State Warriors].

For a Random Team NBA break, the 30 teams are divided into 2 Tiers [15 teams in each Tier] based upon the potential value of their cards in the product/s being broken. Tier 1 teams for the 2021-22 season include the Detroit Pistons [Cade Cunningham RC], Cleveland Cavaliers [Evan Mobley RC], Toronto Raptors [Scottie Barnes RC], Oklahoma City Thunder [Josh Giddey/Tre Mann/Aaron Wiggins RC], Orlando Magic [Franz Wagner/Jalen Suggs RC], Golden State Warriors [Jonathan Kuminga RC/Moses Moody RC/Steph Curry] and Los Angeles Lakers [LeBron James/Magic Johnson/Kareem, etc].

The full table of Tiers for each sport/product is in the photos on each break page on the website.

What other formats will be used?

Aside from Tiered Random Teams, the most common break style for NBA Breaks will be Pick Your Team, which will allow spot holders to purchase individual teams on a sliding price scale. The most valuable team for that particular season will be added as a Giveaway [for 2021-22 it's the Detroit Pistons] which will be randomly given away to a lucky spot holder prior to the break.

For MLB and NFL Breaks, we will be mainly using a Random Division format with 6 or 8 spots, whereby each spot holder will receive an entire Division [eg. NFC East/AFC North/AL East/NL Central]. Each Division has 4 or 5 teams, with at least 1 team in each Division containing high value superstar players or rookies.

For AFL Breaks, we will be using a Pick Your Team [PYT] plus a Random Bonus Team format with 9 spots, whereby each spot holder can pick the team they want [get in fast for Richmond and Collingwood!] and will also receive a randomly drawn bonus team from those teams not sold [usually GWS/Gold Coast/North Melbourne, etc].

For Entertainment Breaks [WWE/Marvel/Star Wars, etc.] will be using a Tiered Wrestler or Tiered Character format, in which individual wrestlers/characters will be placed into Tiers based on their potential value. Lower value wrestlers/characters will be placed into randomly drawn combos. Each spot holder will receive anywhere from 8-20 wrestlers/characters.

The other format that we will use on occasion will be a Random Hit/Card format. For products such as NBA Court Kings, NBA Crown Royale or WWE Impeccable which contain only 8-10 cards in the box, each spot holder will receive 1 card from the box. Each spot holder will receive a random position within the list [eg. 1-10] and will then be assigned the matching card as it’s pulled. For example, after the random draw, the person in Spot 1 receives the first card pulled, Spot 2 receives the second card pulled and so on. For Random Hit breaks, all the cards will be pulled out and then randomly matched up with spot holders and the base/parallel cards will be paired with the weakest hits to give them extra value.

So that’s how Group Breaks work! It’s a great way to be involved in the excitement of opening boxes
but without having to invest large amounts of money.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook, on the Contact Us
page on the website or drop in and see Sladey and Isabelle at Countless Cards.

It’s great fun and who knows... it could be you that lands the next big card! 

Hope to see you in our breaks!

The Countless Cards Team.